One-stop complete package for its clients

ACCORD CHAMBERS offers a broad spectrum of legal services to uphold the firm motto, which is to provide complete legal solutions for its clients. Accordingly, we are equipped to assist you and your corporation by advancing all requisite legal support that are incidental to your day to day business operation or particular transaction. We will be more than happy to share with you comprehensive details of our services at your request. However, the following section provides a non-exhaustive list of the services offered by the firm.


Admiralty & Shipping
Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
Aviation & National Transportation
Anti-corruption & White Collar Crime
Capital markets & Securities
Construction & Infrastructure
Company & Corporate
Energy & Natural Resources
Environmental Protection & Safety
Foreign Investment & Management
Intellectual Property & Trademark
International Trade & Commerce
Judicial Review
Licensing & Regulatory Compliance
Labour, Employment & Service
Land, Property & Real Estate
Merger, Acquisition & Transactional
Private Public Partnership
Tax, VAT & Customs
Telecommunications & Technology



Accord Chambers has progressively emerged as the first choice of foreign corporations for shipping and dispute resolution matters in the jurisdiction of Bangladesh. The firm’s “Admiralty & Dispute Resolution Department” is now the premier shipping practice in Bangladesh best known for its capacity to respond instantaneously in urgent admiralty disputes where time is of the essence. The firm works in close collaboration with top tier international law firms based in the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and India and is frequently instructed by them as well as global corporations on contentious and non-contentious matters including both wet and dry work. Legal counsels of the firm have successfully represented owners of vessels, cargo owners, insurers and P&I Clubs in litigations before the admiralty court of Bangladesh and also secured arrests and speedy release of vessels from detention.

Besides shipping matters, Accord Chambers also has a very strong presence in commercial litigations and arbitrations practice and in securing enforcement of foreign arbitral awards. It is instructed by offshore corporations to represent not only in domestic arbitrations but also in international arbitration before the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Singapore which is a solid testimony to the firm’s wider recognition in arbitration practice. Furthermore, the firm is currently representing foreign corporations based in Singapore, Malaysian and the UAE in complex and high-value civil and commercial litigations in Bangladesh. Counsels of the firm has also represented global enterprises for the successful enforcement of multitude of foreign arbitral awards resulting from international commercial arbitrations before the ICC, FOSFA, ICA, SIAC etc.

Accord Chambers is known for taking the most pragmatic approach so as to achieve speedy relief for clients in a litigation system that is anguished with the shortcomings of cost, delay and complexity by engaging with its intuitive regional knowledge. Known as “pro-settlement lawyers”, its counsels have also earned a reputation of exemplifying tactical and strategic acumen that positively contributes to the out-of-court settlements during early stage of litigations in which it is engaged. This is what makes Accord Chambers distinct from others.


The “Corporate, Transactional and M&A Department” of Accord Chambers is best known for providing complete legal solutions including contract negotiation, transaction structuring and legal documentations in complex corporate transactions, EPC turn-key contracts & project documentations, JV and Public-Private Partnerships projects, general commercial & supply contracts, real estate acquisition and management. Accord Chambers has emerged to be the pioneer in the growing energy practice of Bangladesh and has successfully handled US$ 1.25 Billion mega oil refinery project which is the first of its kind in Bangladesh’s energy sector. It has also been instructed as legal counsels for take-over and set-up of multiple large-scale power plant projects.

The firm regularly assists foreign corporations with their acquisition of Bangladeshi target companies and also represents Bangladeshi companies with in-bound M&A transactions and joint venture projects in collaboration with off-shore partners. Accord Chambers has also earned its solid reputation in providing one-stop legal services to foreign investors and not-for-profit organisations to set up businesses and operations in Bangladesh, establish Branch Offices or wholly foreign owned subsidiaries and ensure licensing & regulatory compliance for start-ups.

The firm represents multinational companies as well as local and foreign corporations, including real estate sector market leaders, commodities suppliers, leading oil & gas corporations, MNCs. Accord Chambers also works in close collaboration with top tier international law firms headquartered in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and India and is frequently instructed by them to advise on Bangladeshi law and regulatory framework.

The firm thus advises not only on mainstream legal affairs but also on investments, transactions, business strategies and operations from the perspective of Bangladeshi laws and regulations. It recognizes the sub-continental challenges in general and the economic realities of Bangladesh in particular that are often faced by foreign investors, MNCs as well as local companies. Taking such challenges and on-ground realities into consideration, the firm is known for taking the most pragmatic approach and engages with its intuitive regional knowledge and deep market understanding so as to achieve the desired commercial outcomes for its clients while keeping their legal interests protected.



Each litigation & ADR proceeding is unique in its own sense and it is difficult to enunciate a comprehensive list of litigations for which the firm may be engaged with. ACCORD CHAMBERS accepts all types of admiralty and arbitration briefs, most types of civil litigation briefs and some selective criminal litigation briefs pre-dominantly arising out of financial crimes and other white-collar crimes. The following are the most common litigation matters regularly undertaken by the firm.

1. Arrest of ship & release of ship
2. In rem claims against vessels and other property
3. Claims for unpaid bunker and lost, damaged or hazardous cargo
4. Claims arising out of collisions, grounding etc
5. Claims arising out of salvage and wreck removal
6. Claims for freight, demurrage etc.
7. Complex marine insurance claim, H& M insurance, P & I settlements
8. General Average
9. Wrongful death and personal injury
10. Claims arising out of vessel sales, financing, full range of shipping, logistics, towage, vessel charter, marine terminal, stevedoring and other contract disputes.
11. Oil spills, pollution and product liability claims
12. Claims against freight forwarders & NVOCCs
1. Arbitration notice and commencement of arbitration proceedings
2. Legal representation during domestic and international arbitration proceedings, both ad-hoc and institutional
3. Applications for appointment of arbitrator(s) by court in case of failure to agree on arbitrator(s)
4. Arbitration applications for interim protective measures to facilitate enforcements of domestic and foreign arbitral awards
5. Execution suits for enforcement of domestic and foreign arbitral awards
6. Application for setting aside arbitral award
7. Appeals against court orders pertaining to arbitration matters
1. All kinds of suits relating to local and international trade & commercial disputes
2. All kinds of suits relating to recovery of money, damages, compensation and contractual enforcement etc.
3. All kinds of declaratory and injunction suits relating to property, position, possession, rights, legal interest, ownership, title etc.
4. All kinds of litigations arising out of construction contract and land owner- developer disputes
5. Execution suits for enforcement of domestic and foreign arbitral awards and applications for interim protective measures to facilitate enforcements
6. All kinds suits for correction of deed and documents, cancellation of instruments etc.
7. Suits arising from copyright, trademark & intellectual property rights disputes
8. Execution of judgments and decree
9. Claims for defamation
10. Claims relating to dishonour of bank cheques and negotiable instruments
11. Civil Appeals against orders and/or judgment and decree of court of first instance
1. Company amalgamation
2. Protection of minority interests
3. Rectification of share register
4. Winding up of company
5. Alteration of the object clause(s) of company
6. Change in the share capital
7. Application for calling of general meeting
8. Condonation of delay in holding AGM
9. Rectification of register of mortgages
10. Compromise with creditors and members
11. Miscellaneous other applications in the Company Court
1. Termination of employment & Unfair dismissal
2. Claims for wages, provident fund and other employment benefits
3. Discriminatory treatment in workplace
4. Employer’s liability
5. Workers’ participation fund, provident fund & gratuity
6. Lay off
7. Dangerous operation, health, hygiene and safety
8. Maternity benefits
9. Enforcement of orders of the labour court
10. Trade Union
1. Anti-corruption
2. Money laundering & foreign currency
3. Evasion of tax
4. Financial crimes
5. Information and Communication Technology (Cyber crime)
6. Defamation
7. Professional Negligence & gross negligence manslaughter
8. Forgery & fabrication of legal instrument
1. All kinds of Artha Rin suits & incidental legal proceedings
2. Writ Petitions & other proceedings arising out of Artha Rin suit
3. Cases under Negotiable Instrument Act
1. All kinds of writ petitions against government, public bodies, quasi-public authorities.
2. Service matters in connection with public offices
3. Writ petitions arising from decisions of VAT, Customs, Income Tax and Executive Tribunals
4. Writ petitions arising in connection with insolvency and Artha Rin Adalat Ain
5. Writ petitions in connection with Labour Act and against decision of Labour Court
1. Income Tax Reference
2. VAT and Customs matters
1. Divorce
2. Custody of child & Guardianship
3. Maintenance, child support & spousal support
4. Adoption
5. Miscellaneous litigation arising out of matrimonial dispute


Bangladesh is an exciting country unlocking many opportunities and we are here to help your way forward. Be it providing assistance for new ventures or foreign investors entering the exciting market of Bangladesh, we are there to stand by your side. The corporate and commercial world demands seasoned professionals to cater day to day advisory needs as well as one-off transactional supports. We can act as your one-stop legal partners for this jurisdiction and provide you a full range of services incidental with your business. The most common services frequently sought by corporations include the following.

1. Carrying out due diligence on legal and regulatory aspects
2. Obtaining clearance of company name from Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC)
3. Drafting of Articles and Memorandum of Association
4. Incorporation of company and registration with RJSC
5. Coordinate opening of Company Bank Account
6. Business registration from Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) where necessary
7. Opening tax file and obtaining TIN certificate from National Board of Revenue (NBR)
8. Obtaining registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) from NBR
9. Obtaining Trade License from Dhaka City Corporations (North/South)
10. Procurement of Import Registration Certificate (IRC) from BIDA and Chief Controller of Imports & Exports (CCI&E)
11. Procurement of Export Registration Certificate (ERC) from CCI&E
12. Procurement of Environment Clearance Certificate from Department of Environment (DOE) & BIDA
13. Procurement of regulatory approvals, licenses or clearance, as applicable, from concerned Ministry or regulatory authorities e.g. Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC), Bangladesh Bank, NGO Bureau, Bangladesh Security & Exchange Commission (BSEC), RAJUK, Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) etc.
1. Total facilitation for the establishment of wholly owned subsidiaries of foreign investors or JVs with participation by foreign entities
2. Negotiation and facilitation of participation in existing Bangladeshi company by share purchase
3. Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) registration and approval of foreign, joint-venture and local projects
4. Obtaining permission & registration of Branch or Liaison offices in Bangladesh & periodical renewal
5. Coordinate opening of Non-resident Taka Account for foreign investors
6. Procurement of foreign investment registration & Industrial License from BIDA
7. Obtaining BIDA Recommendation Letter for Visa of foreigners
8. Procurement of Work Permit from BIDA
9. Obtaining requisite permissions for acquisition of land
10. Registration with Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) or Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC)
11. Facilitation of the procurement of Tax Holiday Facility (THF), depreciation allowance and income tax exemptions under Bilateral Double Taxation Treaties (BDTT)
12. Obtaining permissions for the remittance of profits of branches of foreign firms/companies, capital gains etc. and relevant exemptions from BIDA
13. Negotiation and facilitation of exit by foreign investor
14. Obtaining requisite approvals for the repatriation of capital investments and proceeds by foreign entities and facilitate the closure and exit process for foreign conglomerates
1. Legal support for corporate restructuring, amalgamation, takeover, merger, acquisition and transactional matters
2. Contract Negotiation and/or Client Conferencing (local, international, cross-border)
3. Legal vetting of agreements
4. Legal vetting of internal corporate compliance documents, letters etc.
5. Drafting of regular contracts
6. Drafting of sophisticated/complex agreements
7. Drafting of internal corporate compliance documents, letters etc
8. Legal opinion and advice on legal and regulatory affairs
9. Leal due diligence on prospective agents and trading/service partners
10. Company search with RJSC (basic)
11. Company search with RJSC (detailed with particulars of assets and liabilities)
12. Legal support for facilitating recovery of bad debts

1. Vetting of land documents (title deed with Bia deeds, mutation, records etc) to confirm chain of title (excluding verification of documents from concerned authorities)
2. Negotiation of sale and/or purchase of land & real estate
3. Negotiation and drafting of Construction contracts
4. Verification of land documents from governmental offices
5. Supervision of land demarcation
6. Vetting of Sale deed, Mortgage Deed, Lease Deed, Agreements to sell etc.
7. Drafting of Sale deed, Mortgage Deed, Lease Deed, Agreements to sell etc.
8. Supervision of the execution and registration of the Deed, contracts etc
9. Acquisition and requisition of property
10. Mutation of land & real estate